"Contexts of L2 Writing"
Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
September 15-16, 2000

Paul Kei Matsuda,
Miami University
Tony Silva, Purdue University

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The Symposium on Second Language Writing began in 1998 to facilitate the advancement of knowledge in the field of second language writing and to build a sense of community among those who are involved in second language writing research and instruction.

The purpose of this Symposium is to bring together second language writing researchers and teachers who wish to discuss the latest developments in the field, to network with other researchers and teachers, and to share perspectives on various issues. This year’s Symposium explores issues in second language writing theory, research and instruction in various contexts, including K-12, basic writing, first-year composition, professional writing, writing centers, computer classrooms, foreign language instruction and English for academic purposes.

Keynote Speakers

George Braine Chinese University of Hong Kong
Linda Harklau
University of Georgia
Ryuko Kubota
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
John M. Swales University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


The Symposium consists of keynote sessions and individual papers. Keynote sessions feature internationally recognized experts in the field of second language writing who work in various instructional and research contexts. In individual papers, second language writing researchers and teachers present their work in L2 writing theory, research and instruction as well as various issues in the field.


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