"Contexts of L2 Writing"
Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
September 15-16, 2000


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Friday, September 15, 2000

Morning Sessions

9:00-9:30 Welcome
9:30-10:15 Keynote I: Linda Harklau
Writing Literacy into Second Language Acquisition Theory: Lessons from U.S. High School Classrooms
10:30-11:00 Are They So Different?: Evaluating Intersections Between Native Speaker and ESL Basic Writers
Sunny Hyon
and Kellie Rayburn
11:00-11:30 Reconsidering the Unthinkable: Process Writing in the Foreign Language Classroom
David Johnson

Afternoon Sessions

  STEW 218ABC STEW 204 STEW 214 STEW 314
1:00-1:30 The Threshold in ESL Composition
Georgette Jabbour
Fostering Higher Order Competence in Second Language Academic Writing: Uniting Text, Cognition and Context
Susanna Yee-Ling Lo
Peer-Response Sessions Between Language and Content Experts
Sima Senguputa
Revision Process in L1 and L2 by Japanese Writers
Toshiyuki Takagaki
1:30-2:00 A corpus analysis of EFL writers negotiating cross-cultural differences in politeness in writing letters of application
Thomas Upton
The Mediation of Technology: A Comparative Study of Computer-Assisted ESL Writing
Jiang Li
Utilization and Non-Utilization of Peers in English Academic Writing by Japanese Students
Mayumi Fujioka
Effective Teaching of English for Specific Purposes Writing
Laurel D. Reinking
2:15-2:45 "Trade E for J": Second-Language Writing Online
Gail Hapke
"Electronic Dialogue Journals in Second Language Development: A Case Study"
David Schwarzer and Mary Petron
Teaching ESL Academic and Business Writing in Belarus: Luxury or Necessity?
Viktor Slepovitch
Academic Writing in Business: Required Tasks, Necessary Skills, and Available Instruction
Wei Zhu
2:45-3:15 The Effects of Computer Usage on L2 Japanese Writing Proficiency
Nobuko Chikamatsu
Teaching EFL University Students to Read and Write Critically
Avon Crismore
EFL Teacher's Responses to L2 Writing
Yuh-Fang Chang
Technical Vocabulary Use in ESL/NES Disciplinary Writing
Michael Lessard-Clouston

Japanese Students’ Reactions to and Perceptions of Feedback: Analyses of Journal Entries and Questionnaires
Akemi Nagasaka

Writing in a German Class
Melinda Reichelt
An Inclusive Classroom: Making Cultural Studies Based Writing Classes Cross-Cultural
Jessie Moore
The Writing of First- and Second-Language Fifth-Grade Students: Teachers' Beliefs and Students' Proficiencies
Anita Hernandez
4:00-4:30 Behaviors and Strategies of 4 Taiwanese Graduate Students in L2 Academic Writing
Shingjen Jyang
A Case Study of Native Speakers of English Composing in German
Ulrike Jannausch
Validity in L2 Professional Writing Research
Barry Thatcher
Writing in Chinese and English:  Emergent Biliteracy Development
Yi-Hsuan Gloria Lo
and Jan Buckwalter
4:45-5:30 Keynote II: George Braine
Overcoming Barriers to Academic Publication: Hong Kong’s Success Story
6:00-8:00 Dinner (West Faculty Lounge, PMU)

Saturday, September 16, 2000

Morning Sessions

  STEW 218ABC STEW 204 STEW 214 STEW 314
9:00-9:45 Keynote III: Ryuko Kubota
Politics of Cultural Difference in Second Language Writing
10:00-10:30 Comparing L1 and L2 Writing Strategies of Advanced Non-Native Writers: A Case Study of 10 Advanced Writers of Spanish as a FL
Frank A. Morris
The Need for Teacher Narratives
Stephanie Vandrick
Effective ESL Assessment
Deborah Crusan
Narrative Strategies of Opening Paragraphs in Expository Writing
Andreas Karatsolis
10:30-11:00 Toward an Empirical Model of EFL Students' Writing Processes
Miyuki Sasaki
Challenges To Teaching Writing Across Cultures: A Non-Native Teacher's Perspective
Judit Szerdahelyi
The Use of Process-Oriented Assessment in Large-Scale ESL University Placement Testing
Yeonsuk Cho and
Fred Davidson
The Effects of Knowing English Rhetoric on Turkish Students' L1 Writing
Aylin Atakent
11:00-11:30 Writing FL English at High School: A Comparison with L1 Swedish
Py Kollberg, Eva Lindgren and Kirk Sullivan
Tutoring, Training, and Teaching: Writing Center as TESOL Practicum
MaryAnn Crawford, Leslie Grant
, and Shinji Okumura
Foreign Language Writing Component Assessment
Jean Marie Schultz
A Quantitative Study of Cohesion in Chinese Graduate Students' Writing: Variations Across Genres and Proficiency Levels
Wenjun Jin

Afternoon Sessions

1:00-1:30 What ESL Students Want Teachers to Know
Barbara Kroll
1:30-2:00 Discourse Dimensions in Middle-Grade L2 Writing
Dudley W. Reynolds
2:15-2:45 Reading, Writing, and Thinking in Japanese Language Classrooms
Sufumi So
2:45-3:15 Computers and the L2 Writer
Joel Bloch
3:30-4:00 The Case Against Grammar Correction in Practice: What Do Students Think?
Colleen Brice
and Lisa Newman
4:00-4:30 Treatment of Written Error by ''Ear'' Learners: How Much is Enough?
Dana Ferris
and Barrie Roberts
4:30-5:15 Keynote IV: John Swales
Further Reflections on Genre and ESL Academic Writing
5:15-6:00 Reception (STEW 218D)

Acknowledgment: We would like to thank our proposal readers: Diane Belcher, Alister Cumming, Pat Currie, Lynn Goldstein, Liz Hamp-Lyons, Barbara Kroll, Ilona Leki, Charlene Polio, Joy Reid and Carol Severino.


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