Symposium on Second Language Writing
Second Language Writing Instruction in Contexts
September 30-October 2, 2004
Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Carol Severino, Barbara Kroll

Plenary Speakers

Danling Fu, University of Florida
"A Look at English Language Learners' Writing Development and the New York City Department of Education's Recommendations for ESL/Bilingual Instruction"

Ilona Leki, University of Tennessee
"The Legacy of Freshman Composition"

Sara Cushing Weigle, Georgia State University
"Investing in Assessment: Designing Writing Tests to Promote Positive Washback"

Jessica Williams, University of Illinois, Chicago
"The Role(s) of Writing Centers in Ssecond Language Writing Instruction"

Plenary Speakers
Symposium Presenters
GSC Presenters


Symposium Presenters

Deborah Crusan, Wright State University
"Politics and Policies of Implementing Online Directed Self-Placement for Second Language Writers"

Angela M. Dadak and John Hyman, American University
"No ESL Allowed: What's a College Writing Program to Do?"

Kevin Eric De Pew, Old Dominion University
"Different Writers, Different Writing: Making Administrative Decisions about International Tteaching Assistants"

Guillaume Gentil, Carleton University
"EAP and Technical Writing without Borders: The Impact of Departmentalization on the Teaching and Learning of Academic Writing in a First and Second Language"

Jessie Moore Kapper, Elon University
"Mapping Post-Secondary Classifications and Second Language Writing Research"

Barbara Kroll, California State University Northridge
"Complicating Factors in Addressing the English Language Needs of International Visa Students"

Ryuko Kubota and Kimberly Abels, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Institutional Lack of English Support for International Students: Addressing Problems through Collaboration"

Karen L. Newman, Indiana University, and Rosie Maum, Jefferson County Public Schools
"NNESTs in K-12 ESL Writing Contexts"

Christine Tardy, DePaul University and Christine Norris, University of Nevada, Reno
"Teaching and Learning Disciplinary Writing: A Teacher-Researcher Dialogue"

Josha Thoms, Idoia Elola, Carol Severino and Binnan Gao, University of Iowa
"Writing in FL Contexts: Policies and Purposes"

Stephanie Vandrick, University of San Francisco
"Shifting Sites, Shifting Identities: A Thirty-Year Case Study"

Kerry Enright Villalva, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Reform, Writing, and Generation 1.5"

Margi Wald, Michelle Winn, and Jane Stanley, University of California, Berkeley
"From Mixed (Up) to Blended: Using Student Self-Reports to Bridge the L1-L2 Composition Divide"

Xiaoye You, Purdue University
"Responding to Globalization: Teaching English as an International Language (EIL) Writing in Chinese Universities"

Wei Zhu, University of South Florida
"Institutional Policies and Writing in University Content Classrooms"

Plenary Speakers
Symposium Presenters
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Graduate Student Conference Presenters

Rebekha Abbuhl, Georgetown University
"Legal Writing for the Advanced L2 Learner: The Effect of Feedback and Instruction on Writing Quality"

Yukie Arima, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
"Conflicts in a Writing Center: Perception Gap between Native English Speaking Tutors and Nonnative English Speaking Tutees"

Subarna Banerjee, Temple University
"Ways of artuing: ESL Undergraduates' Formulation of Arguments in Academic Papers"

Scott J. Baxter, Purdue University
"Telling the Story of One L2 Writer in Computer Science"

Marcia Buell, University of Illinois
"Ethnic and Cultural Identity Representation in Application Essays"

Tamara Burton, Brigham Young University
"Meeting the Needs of L2 University Students Without Isolating Them from Their L1 Peers

Cathryn Crosby, The Ohio State University
"Hypertext and the Reading/Writing Processes of L2 Learners"

Christie L. Daniels, Ohio University
"Rhetorical Variation and L2 Vocabulary Development"

Semire Dikli, Florida State University
"Writing Processes of the Proficient ESL Writers" and "Automated Essay Scoring"

Ya'nan Fan, Michigan State University
"Learning to Write in a Midwestern Urban School: A Case Study"

Stefan Frazier, University of California, Los Angeles
"How Students Invoke Culture in ESL Writing Class Group Work"

K. Eileen Cannon & Maria N. Fruit, University of Iowa
"Advancing Interdisciplinary Models"

Saul Santos Garcia, University of Essex
"Vocabulary-related Problems in L1 and L2 Writing: Strategy Use"

Carolyn C. Greco, York University
"'Can I Put a Story in an Academic Paper?'"

Marcelle Haddix, Boston College
"African American Vernacular English as a Resource in the Writing Classroom"

Rachida Elqobai Hamdaoui, Purdue University
"The L1 Effect on L2 Writing: Which L1?"

Yoko Hangui, Michigan State University
"Do Native Speakers of English and ESL Japanese Writers Write Request Emails Differently?"

Joleen Hanson, University of New Hampshire
"The Use of Private Writing in the Adult ESL Classroom"

William Harle, Jr., New Mexico State University
"Ensuring a Seat at the Table: Exploring Meaningful Response and Revision in Second Language Composition"

Minyang Hong, Purdue University
"Reflections on Spirituality in second Language Writing"

Yuanyuan Hu, Purdue University
"An Approach to Evaluating Writing in the ESL Composition Classroom: Benefits and Ethical Concerns"

Theresa Hyland, Huron University College
"Drawing a Line in the Sand: A Comparison of EL1 and EL2 Citation Practices"

Yasufumi Iwasaki, Purdue University
"On the Use of Particles in Compositions by Students of Japanese as a Foreign Language"

Jay Jordan, Pennsylvania State University
"ESL, Comp, and Composition: Terms, Assumptions, and Implications"

Fify Juliana, Arizona State University
"The Effects of Technological Literacy on Students Perceptions towards Academic and Second Language Literacies"

Tae-Eun Kim, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"The Role of Writing and Scaffolded Writing Activity for Korean English Language Learners"

Kent Lee, University of Illinois
"Writing About Research Paradigms in EAP and ESL"

Lu Liu and Yufeng Zhang, Purdue University
"The Evolution of English 002: A Historical Case study of an ESL Graduate Writing Seminar"

Yichun Liu, Purdue University
"Translation Model and Methodological Design"

Karen Macbeth, Ohio State University
"Approaching Culture: The Scenic Route to Academic Discourse"

Anna Lee McKennon, California State University Sacramento
"Ethnographic Study of Obstacles Faced by Asian ESL Writers in American Academia"

Jim McKinley, University of Sydney
"Learning English Writing in Japanese Universities: Developing Critical Argument and Establishing Writer Identity"

Anna Youngkyung Min, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"They are Comparable Credit. Are They Comparable Courses?"

Kasuaki Nakazawa, Purdue University
"The Word Processor as a Language Learning Tool: A research Proposal"

Iswari Pandey, University of Louisville
"The Plagiarism Industry"

Elizabeth Patton, Purdue University
"Writing Their Way into Purdue and the World"

Silvia Pessoa, Carnegie Mellon University
"Students Experiences in ESL and Composition Courses"

Talinn Phillips, Ohio University
"Bridging the Disciplinary Divide"

Robin Roots, Michigan State University/Lansing Community College
"Writing Centers and their Changing Clients: The Assumptions of Writing Center Practice"

Yu Qin, Syracuse University
"'Social Harmony' in ESL Writing: Chinese Students and the Debate over Critical Literacy"

Mimi Rosenbush, Northeastern Illinois University
"Writing in the First Year College Classroom: From the Perspective of Polish Students"

Gwen Gray Schwartz, University of Arizona
"Placing Generation 1.5 students: Issues of Identification, Ethics, and Agency"

Manuel Senna IV, Sacramento City Unified School District, and Sachiko Shimogama, Elk Grove Unified School District
"Effective Teacher Commentary Across Levels"

Jeremie Seror, University of British Columbia
"University Policy and Official Documents' Impact on L2 Writing Development"

Jason Stegemoller, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"An Exploration of Second Language Writing Experiences of an Immigrant Student and an International Student'

Abbas Zare-ee Tajareh, Kashan University
"EFL Learners' Proficiency in English and their Writing Performance on a Letter Writing Task"

Nadya Tanova, Purdue University
"Language-Switching Behavior in the L3 Composing Process"

Maureen White, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
"Speaking English is NOT Enough: An Exploration of Departmental Policies Affecting Graduate ESL Instructor Training"

Gwendolyn Williams, University of Georgia
"Voice Versus Identity in Second Language Writing"

Youngjoo Yi, The Ohio State University
"Generation 1.5 Students' Writing Practices in their First and Second Language"

Yufeng Zhang, Purdue University
"Task Representation & L2 Writers"

Plenary Speakers
Symposium Presenters
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