Nagoya Gakuin University
Symposium on Second Language Writing 2007 in Japan


Registration Fees

On-Site Registration Fees (Per day; cash only)
Cash Only
JPY ¥7,000 (per day)
JPY ¥5,000 (per day)
On-site registration includes admissions to sessions and book exhibits. (Reception and lunches not included.)

Registration Forms

Pre-registration deadline was September 1, 2007.

On-site registration form is available HERE. For on-site registration, please fill out the form and bring it to the Symposium; additional forms will be available at the Symposium registration table. On-site registration includes admissions to sessions and the book exhibits, and refreshments. The opening reception and lunches may be available for additional fees, although the number may be limited. A convenience store within the building will be open during the Symposium.

U.S. Tax Information

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Registration Query

If you have any questions about the registration process, please feel free to contact Nona Schaler, Conference Coordinator, Purdue University Conference Division.

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