Nagoya Gakuin University
Symposium on Second Language Writing 2007 in Japan


General Information

If you hold a valid passport issued by one of the 62 countries and regions that have visa-exemption arrangements with Japan, you will not need a visa to enter Japan for a short-term visit to attend the Symposium. (A list of countries with the visa-exemption arrangements is available HERE.)

If your country or region is not listed, please contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate General about the application process and necessary documents.

If you need supporting documents to apply for a visa, please use the request form for the visa application supporting documents below. Pre-registration must be completed before you can receive the visa application documents. When you submit the request successfully, a confirmation message will appear on your browser and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

If you submit your request before June 1, 2007, appropriate supporting documents will be sent out by late June, which would allow enough time for visa application. (If you submit the request after June 1, 2007, the documents will be sent out within 30 days of the receipt of the request.)

The visa application process usually takes about 2-3 weeks, and the visa itself will be valid for 3 months. The short-term visa will allow you to stay in Japan for up to about 15 days, including the dates of the Symposium.

For more information about the short-term visitor visa and the application process, please visit the following Ministry of Foreign Affairs website:

Request Form for Visa Application Supporting Documents

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*Name (as it appears on the passport in roman alphabet):

Mailing Address (where the documents should be sent):

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*Email Address:
*Passport Number:
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*Sex: Male Female
*Date of Birth: 19

Tentative dates of entry to and departure from Japan:

*Entry: 2007
*Departure: 2007

In most cases, the duration of stay in Japan for this Symposium should be within 15 days, including the dates of the Symposium. If you need to extend your stay beyond 15 days, please obtain an appropriate visa through other venues.

Information about the flight into Japan:

*City of Departure:
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Flight Number (if available):

Information about the flight out of Japan:

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Notes (Optional):

Registration Certification:

Preregistration for the Symposium is required before you can receive supporting documents for your visa application. If you have not already registered for the Symposium, please preregister before submitting this form.

I have already preregistrered for the Symposium on Second Language Writing. Please send me the supporting documents for my visa application.