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The University of Murcia is pleased to host the Symposium on Second Language Writing 2010, whose sessions will take place at the Facultad de Letras (Faculty of Arts), in La Merced, one of the university campuses, located at the heart of Murcia’s city center. La Merced is in the old part of the city, approximately a 10-minute walk to the Cathedral.


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The history of the University of Murcia dates back to the thirteenth century and the reign of Alfonso X, the Wise. In 1914 the region of Murcia was granted its own university, and the University of Murcia was then re-founded. With approximately 30,000 students, more than 2,000 teaching and research professionals, about 80 degrees and 7 research institutes, it is one of the largest universities in Spain. Its welcoming atmosphere is in line with the cosmopolitan character of the city. Each year the university welcomes hundreds of international students.


Murcia is the capital city of the region of the same name. It was established in 825DC and it is renowned for its collections of Baroque sculptures and buildings. About a 1-hour drive separates Murcia from Alicante, the southernmost city of the region of Valencia. Murcia is also within 30 minutes from the coast. Given this proximity with the Mediterranean Sea, Murcia enjoys a very mild weather, mostly dry, with an average temperature ranging between 15 and 19ºC. Apart from its rich gastronomy, Murcia is a good representative of the typical Spanish tapas (pre-lunch or pre-dinner snacks).

To find out more about the region and city of Murcia, click here.


Local information: how to get to Murcia

Airports. The city of Murcia is within 40 kms (27 miles) from the Murcia-San Javier Airport with direct flights from a good number of European cities. There is also the Alicante Airport, just 10 kms southwest of Alicante and 68 kms (42 miles) to the north or Murcia.

The region of Murcia

How to get to Murcia

1) From the San Javier airport, you can take the Latbus bus 73, which will take you to the Murcia Bus & Coach Station in about 45 minutes for 7€. The bus departs from the airport every day at 17.45, 19.15 and 22.45. For more detailed information, click here.

Murcia-San Javier Airport telephone number: +34 968 250088.

You can also take a cab at the airport, which will drop you off in Murcia in less than half an hour for about 42€.

2) From the Alicante Airport, you can either take a cab to Murcia (about 45 minutes, 60€) or the Airport-Murcia Alsa bus (4.5€ or 8.10€, round trip), whose schedule you can check out here.

Alicante Airport telephone number: +34 966 919000


Local transportation

The city of Murcia offers various transportation options. You can walk to many hotels, restaurants and shops or use various forms of public transportation. Latbus is the bus company that operates in the city. In some parts of the city center, you can also use the newly built tram (Tranvimur), or get a cab to move around or visit the shopping malls (Thader and Nueva Condomina) or the Espinardo Campus (the University of Murcia’s largest campus), which are all within a 10-to15-minute drive from the center.


Dining options

Refreshments will be available in the exhibit area on all three days. During lunch time, you can stay at the Cafetería on Campus, where you will have access to computer facilities, or opt for one of the many restaurants (including fast food options) that surround La Merced. Some suggestions: Arco, Hispano, Rincón de Pepe, Temporáneo, La Pequeña Taberna Típica, Tapelia, Pura Cepa, Los Placeres de la Carne, Las Cadenas, La Parranda, El Corral de José Luis, Doña Lola, Alborada, Acuario, Figón de Alfaro, Los Arroces del Romea, La Buena Vida, Morales, …

Also, feel free to ask Symposium Assistants for recommendations.


Copying, ATMs, etc.

Photo-copy machines are located at the Facultad de Letras and Aulario buildings, in the basement and the ground floor, respectively, and in the Antonio de Nebrija Library, also on the ground and first floors.

ATMs. ATMs are available inside La Merced Campus and also in the surrounding area

If you have any questions or need help with local information, you can ask a Symposium Assistant, who will be easily identifiable.


Please choose your hotel then fill in the BOOKING FORM and send it as an attachment before the final booking date to

No payment needs to be made in advance. The booking will be confirmed by email and the hotel room will then be held until 6pm on the day of arrival. If you are going to arrive later than that time, you should inform the hotel directly.

Hotel NH Rincón de Pepe (****)

  • Calle Apóstoles, 34, 30001 Murcia. Tel.: +34 968-212239
  • Single room: 65,97 euros (incl. taxes, breakfast extra 9€)
  • Double room: 65,97 euros (incl. taxes, breakfast extra 9€)
  • PAYMENT: on arrival at the hotel
  • DEADLINE for booking: 07/05/2010
Hotel Arco de S. Juán (****)

  • Plaza de Ceballos, 10, 30003 Murcia. Tel: +34 968-210455
  • Single room: 65,97 euros (incl taxes and breakfast)
  • Double room: 90,00 euros (incl taxes and breakfast)
  • PAYMENT: on arrival at the hotel
  • DEADLINE for booking: 07/05/2010
Hotel Hesperia Murcia (***)

  • C/ Madre de Dios, 4, 30004 Murcia. Tel: +34 968-217789
  • Single room: 65,98 euros (incl taxes and breakfast)
  • Double room: 88 euros (incl taxes and breakfast)
  • PAYMENT: on arrival at the hotel
  • DEADLINE for booking: 07/05/2010
Hotel El Churra (***)

  • Avda Marqués de los Vélez,12 30008 Murcia. Tel: +34 968- 238400
  • Single room: 65,50 euros (incl VAT and breakfast)
  • Double room: 88,00 euros (incl VAT and breakfast)
  • PAYMENT: on arrival at the hotel
  • DEADLINE for booking: 16/04/2010