About the Symposium

Is SSLW an international conference?

Yes, the Symposium on Second Language Writing is international in every sense of the word. The 2011 Symposium is being organized by a team of second language writing specialists who represent various countries, including Japan, Taiwan and the United States. Presenters for past Symposia came from at least 24 different countries and regions throughout the world. SSLW has been held in Japan, Spain, and the United States.

Proposal Submission

How can I submit proposals?

To submit proposals, please use the onilne submission form, available from the Proposal page.

When is the proposal deadline?

The proposal deadline was November 15, 2010. Please sign up for the SSLWLIST mailing list to receive call for papers and other announcements. For more information, please see the Proposal page.

When will the proposal review results become available?

The results will be announced by January 2010. If you are listed as a co-author, please check with the corresponding author. The names of all presenters who have been accepted will be listed on the Presenters page.


What kind of technology will be available for presenters?

Each room will have a video projector or an LCD screen with a 15-pin VGA cable (for Windows computers; if you are planning to use a computer without a built-in VGA connection, please bring a video adapter). Please bring your own laptop. We recommend that presenters scheduled for the same session arrange ahead of time to share a single laptop.

Traval Information

Which hotels do you recommend?

Hotel information is available on the Venue page.