Mount Tai & Qufu—Confucius' Hometown

Compiled by Kai Yang

Please Note: If you choose to take part in the site seeing tour, you will not return to Shandong University until late afternoon/early evening. Please plan accordingly. 

Mount Tai

Mount Tai is a mountain of historical and cultural significance located in western Shandong province, just to the south of the provincial capital city Jinan. It is one of the “Five Great Mountains”. It is associated with sunrise, birth, and renewal, and is often regarded the foremost of the five. Mount Tai has been a place of worship for at least 3,000 years and served as one of the most important ceremonial centers of China.

Mount Tai rises from 150 to 1,545 metres (490 to 5,069 ft) above sea level and covers an area of 426KM2 (164MI2). Mount Tai has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. There are grand temples, as well as many stone inscriptions and tablets. Mount Tai has played an important role in the development of Buddhism and Taoism.


Mt. Tai Stairway


Qufu is the hometown of Confucius, located in southwestern Shandong province, China. It is located about 130 kilometres (81 miles) south of the provincial capital Jinan. The city contains numerous historic palaces, temples and cemeteries. The three most famous cultural sites of the city, collectively known as “The Three Confucian (sites)”, are the Temple of Confucius, the Cemetery of Confucius, and the Kong Family Mansion. Together, these three sites have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.

The Temple of Confucius (Kong Miao) is Confucius’ former home in Qufu. The temple complex is the second largest historical building complex in China (after the Forbidden City). Cemetery of Confucius (Kong Lin) lies to the north of the town of Qufu. The original tomb was erected here in memory of Confucius. The present-day tomb is a cone-shaped hill. More than 10,000 mature trees give the cemetery a forest-like appearance. Kong Family Mansion (Kong Fu) is located to the east of the temple. The layout of the mansion is traditionally Chinese, it reflects the Confucian principle of order and hierarchy.

Confucius Temple

Confucius' Temple