Invitation Letters

Q: I am a presenter. How can I receive an invitation letter for funding and visa purposes? 
A: In most cases, the email invitation to present at the Symposium suffices as a documentation. If you are a co-author, please check with the corresponding author for the information. If there are errors or if you cannot access the letters, please email us.

Q: I am not presenting but would like to attend the Symposium. How can I receive an invitation letter for funding and visa purposes? 
A: Please email us.


Q: Can I propose a topic not related to the theme? 
Yes. Any topic related to second language writing--theory, research, instruction and administration, etc.--is welcome.

Q: Can I submit multiple proposals? 
 Multiple submissions are allowed, but to include as many presenters on the program as possible, the same person cannot be listed as the first author for more than one proposal. (Invited speakers are exempt from this rule.)

Q: How will the proposals be evaluated? 
 Each proposal will be evaluated by two reviewers who have relevant expertise in the field of second language writing. A score of 1 to 6 will be assigned based on the overall strengths of the proposal. The descriptors are: 1) Content inappropriate to the conference or has little merit; 2) basic flaws in content or presentation; 3) major effort necessary to make acceptable or content well-covered in literature already; 4) content has merit, but accuracy, clarity, completeness, and/or writing should and could be improved in time; 5) content, presentation, and writing meet professional norms; 6) candidate for outstanding submission.


Q: Will there be free WiFi access?
A: Yes. ASU provides free guest WiFi access throughout campus.

Q: Will there be a computer for presenters? 
A: No, a computer will not be provided for presentations. Please bring your own laptop or arrange with other presenters in the same session to share one.

Q: Will there be an video projector for presenters? 
A: Yes each presentation room is equipped with an LCD projector or an LCD screen. If you are a Mac user, please bring your own dongle.